Eugenia Eve

Content manager
About 3 years in IT with the focus on no-code & low-code application development, and UI Bakery in particular. Finding peace and inspiration in F. Backman's and H. Murakami's books.
Hey all!Β 

On Sep 23 (Wed), 11 a.m. (EST) / 8 a.m. (PST) – join us at the β€œBuild With Me” show on YouTube with Doc Williams.
Doc will create a feature-rich dashboard integrated with Airtable in UI Bakery (a low-code development platform) during a live stream.

Sign up here:
Hey there!

Check our first integration – Airtable – implemented in a sales CRM dashboard! Get your data updated in real-time & simultaneously with the updates in your Airtable spreadsheets.Β 

The dashboard is fully responsive and customizable. And freeΒ :)Β 

Coding the NoCode. Building the most powerful #nocode engine for Google Sheets at
Hey, this looks good!!
nice work will check it out