Eric Goldman

Co-founder, Sync Inc
In this tutorial you'll build an app using Retool and Airtable.

Airtable is great for creating and managing data. Retool adds permissions, workflows, and an efficient interface. Connecting the two together wasn't very easy with the API - that is why we built Sync Inc so you can connect Retool to Airtable like a real database. Then you can build tools fast.

I hope this tutorial is useful and would love to hear any feedback or questions!
This is great, thanks for sharing, Eric!!Β 
Hi Eric! I just got to see this now but this is a fantastic tutorial, thanks for writing it down. I don't love videos and I much prefer written guidelines like these. For the future - my only suggestion would be to try GIFs instead of screenshots to make it even more clear πŸ˜„
I actually have the perfect use case for this for a friend's company and I might give it a try, although some of their data is in a custom SQL database - do you think I could merge two different data sources?

Separately...I've noticed your launch in December and you offer an interesting service. How do you see your approach in comparison to to tools like or NocodeAPI? What other use-cases do you envision?

Thanks again for sharing! πŸ™
Eric Goldman replied
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