Co-founder of Tally
Hi everyone! I'm based in Belgium and recently founded 2 start-ups with my partner ( & I have a background in mainly B2B marketing and love to explore the world.
We created a template gallery with Tally form templates for different use cases and audiences:

  • Creators
  • Product
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Office
  • Personal

You can pick a pre-made template to get started or create your own to share with our community. Would love to hear your ideas on which templates we should add!
Hi everyone πŸ‘‹

We launched the MVP of (an easy way to create forms, for free) 2 months ago. We’ve been growing steadily and reached the milestone of 1.000 form respondents, and 300 users today.

In this first stage, we’ve been focusing on reaching the no-code community, makers, and indie hackers to get feedback on our MVP and shape our roadmap (publicly available:

Our main acquisition channels at this moment are:
  1. Twitter
  2. Indie Hackers
  3. No-code communities and databases (No-code founders, WINC, No-code France, modern makers, and others)

What’s next?

We’ve been adding crucial new features on a weekly basis and are working towards a bigger public launch in one month with a lifetime deal for early users.
I see, makes sense, I signed up, I will definitely use it. All the best.
Really dope!Β 

This looks really solid! Can’t wait to try it out!!
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