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Update Slack Status using an Alexa Skill | Voiceflow Tutorial

Learn how to make status updates to a Slack profile using an Alexa skill. This tutorial is completely built using voiceflow and following are what you need to build this yourself.

Full Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YbFPO7sY8CE

Pre-requisites: You should be an admin or your app should be installed on the Slack Channel/Account by the admin before you can test/use this skill/action.

1. Create an app on https://api.slack.com/apps/ and go to Your Apps
2. Click Create Bot and give your bot a name and select the Workspace you want to test this on
3. Once your app is created, go to OAuth & Permissions and under User Token Scopes, select "users.profile:write"
4. Install the app to the Slack Channel
5. After installation, copy the "Bot User OAuth Access Token"

API URL: https://slack.com/api/users.profile.set
Request Type: POST
Body: {"profile":{"status_text":"Amazing! It Works!","status_expiration":0}}
Headers: Content-type: application/json and Authorization: Bearer ACCESS_TOKEN

You can build voice based applications for Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa without coding for free using voiceflow. (A 100% no-code platform)

🔗 Checkout Voiceflow here: https://bit.ly/34OeAE3

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From a REST API to Google Sheets and then into a PWA or a Website or a Mobile App

I've been exploring various tools and making YouTube tutorials on different aspects of these tools. Recently made a series of videos where I start off with importing any API data into a Google Sheet and then use that sheet to make a website using spreadsimple.com, a PWA using glideapps.com, and also make a website using Thunkable.

Import an API (a subreddit API in this example) data into a Google Sheet

Google Sheet to a Gallery/Portfolio Website

Google Sheet + Thunkable Integration to make a Mobile App

Google Sheet to a PWA using

Would love to get some feedback from the community here or any ideas that you want me to explore. 

Create Alexa Skills with REST APIs & Google Sheets

Voiceflow is one of the best platforms to create Google Actions and Alexa Skills without coding. I've been exploring Voiceflow for a couple of years now and recently made a few tutorials to help people get going with the platform.

Alexa Skill using REST APIs

Alexa Skills using Google Sheets

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