Guy Butts

Chief Data Simplifier, datalytyks
Hey NCD community! datalytyks is a data-simplification agency; dedicated to the pursuit of simplified data at-scale. Data analytics, software integration and cloud software is how its done. Star Wars is better than Star Trek.

An up-and-coming integration platform!

Integrately is a very easy to use integration platform offering a true no-code platform with built-in logic and branching. If you are even remotely familiar with Zapier or Power Automate, you will be very familiar with Integrately already. They have over 1100 planned requested integrations and hundreds of feature requests so the market-uptake is already growing! I advise everyone to check it out!

SharePoint CAN be a no/low-code tool!

SharePoint 365 has the capability to be utilized as a no/low-code tool or platform that most Microsoft 365 Business-tier customers ALREADY pay for!

One example could involve having a list on SharePoint that is populated through automation processes (Power Automate for example) for form submission collection that in turn allows you to connect effortlessly and generate reports or analysis on.

This use-case allowed me to eliminate my monthly AirTable subscription entirely, saving that much more per month, by using the tools already housed inside the Microsoft 365 Business ecosystem.

What other use-cases can you think of for SharePoint? Let me know!

Happy Simplifying!