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How to enable Social Login using Twitter, in your Bubble app

I've just published my latest article:

How to enable Social Login using Twitter, in your #Bubble app


An example of how to use the Bubble API Connector

Here is my article showing how the API connector can be used in Bubble, in this case to fetch and store images to use as the default profile picture for a user.

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How to enable Social Login using Google, in your Bubble app

My latest article which shows you how to make it easy for your customers to login to your Bubble app using their existing Google account:

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How to enable Email Notifications in your Bubble app using Sendgrid

I recently published my latest post where I explain step by step how I set up Email Notifications in my Bubble app using Canvas templates by Airdev & email services from Sendgrid.
I hope you find it useful.

How to receive recurring subscription payments for your SaaS Bubble app using Stripe

I've implemented a recurring subscription process for my Bubble app using Stripe and written up a detailed step by step article to share how you can do it too.
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