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Micro-Learning Side Project

Hi AllπŸ‘‹,Β 

I'm working on a side project called Micro-learning. It's built using Dorik, Airtable, Zapier and Clicksend.Β 

You can sign up for freeπŸ’― and it will send you a word and phrase for 25 days in Spanish, French, or Indonesian (random but I'm learning it myself).

I'd like to build something that helps you learn the basics of a language or supplement learning and for those going on holiday or traveling for a while.Β 

I'm aware the holiday market will not be picking up for a while but this is really early and I wanted to build in public to get as much feedback and to enable me to iterate it into something useful when we can travel freely again πŸ™

Anyway, check it out. Sign up. let me know when you think.


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Hi, Sorry I'm late :)

Jason from the UK, living between the UK and Indonesia. Nocode and Automation maker. Happy to be here.
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