SentiFactory is a no-code Machine Learning deployment solution that provides easy & fast ways to deploy your models to the various server, device, and mobile targets.

How to build a Machine Learning no-code product for $10 using Lobe, SentiFactory and DigitalOcean.

As a sample product idea let’s use an API service that can support marketing efforts and can classify handmade sweets. This API can be part of some automation flow and can receive the image as an import and return sweets type as an output.

To build this Machine Learning based product we need to use three products:

  • Lobe for creation of Machine Learning model

  • DigitalOcean for hosting

  • SentiFactory for wrapping and deployment of Lobe Machine Learning model into DigitalOcean hosting


Lobe is a free product from Microsoft which allows to quickly build Machine Learning models without any coding. It is a desktop solution that runs on your PC so no server is needed. Lobe is quite simple to use but it still provides a fully working Machine Learning model.
DigitalOcean is an easy and accessible hosting solution. It provides quick on-demand hosting services for a very reasonable price, starting at $5 and it doesn’t require from you huge initial setup effort which is needed for bigger cloud services but still allows programmatic access which is not possible for very simple hosting solutions. DigitalOcean will be used to host the model and expose it to the real world.