Behavior Analyst Coder
Hey everyone! I am a Behavioral Scientist interested in how to better incorporate current technologies into behavior analytic practice!

ScorecardX is live today!

Hey all! I have been working on a productivity tool designed to make providing feedback and making decisions based on employee performance easier for you in the longrun! Check out scorecardX to see how we can help you today!

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Building Plugins with SSA

I’m wondering if anyone else here is building their own plugins with bubble?

I have questions about implementing Firebase in a SSA.Β 

I have accomplished this with an element action but implementing Firebase as a nodejs project is a little harder than I’m used to

Private chat app database structure help

Hey guys I’m hoping I can find some help from this community. I have been working on an Instagram style app, And want to implement a direct messaging system. I’m wondering if anybody has any experience creating a messaging system that they would like to share with me.Β 


Hey #nocode fam! I’m wondering who else is using Backendless for their nocode needs? It’s really turning out to be a dope product! Like all others, it comes with a learning curve but it is πŸ’ͺ 🦾🦾

I’m working on a tutorial for thunkable apps to use Backendless for user authentication instead of Firebase, database services instead of airtable, and finding locations near you based on coordinates (not present with thunkable per forum searches)

What have you built with Backendless?!
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Nice work!

Art! Nice work, man! Excited to see how this grows!
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