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Switching from WordPress (or similar) to Webflow

Hi everyone,

First of all, I wanted to thank Art for listening to my problems and ultimately creating this awesome Help Forum which I'm planning on visiting a lot :) and Sam who suggested I should ask the NCD community :)  

Now, getting to my question. I've started NCD Pinterest to Webflow Bootcamp , because my community was originally built on IG and Pinterest. My idea is to get into Pinterest curation through my website. 

Now, I would love to dive deeper into Webflow, but I've got a decent website built with WordPress that I would happily use for this project and pospone building something more sophisticated with Webflow for the next one. 

What would be the disadvantages of developing this or similar projects within a WordPress website or what would be the perks of actually switching to Webflow already and would it be worth it? 

The biggest perk as I see it right now is that having my website built with WP already, I can dedicate more time to the content itself which I never find enough time for. 

Looking forward to hearing from you :) 
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