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Sr. Engineer and No-Code Ops @On Deck | Integromat Expert | No-Code Maker
I'm a recovering Software Consultant. Now I mostly focus on using No-code tools and pushing the limits of them with code. Supporting creators with Coffees via my newsletter Share a Coffee. Integromat Partner and Automation Wizard.
Tomorrow I'll be sending out the first issue of a daily newsletter called Share a Coffee.

Every weekday I'll showcase a new creator and buy them a coffee through Buy Me A Coffee. The creator nominates the next person to get a coffee.

Landing Page is built with Carrd
Integromat to automate things
AirTable to keep track of subscribers, coffees, and creators.
Google Sheets to store some info about past issues so I can hook it up using Liist

I've gotten 11 coffees from early supporters so far. So I'm thinking about ways to support more creators. I was thinking about letting subscribers nominate a creator and featuring a few of them every Friday. Interested in other ideas too!

Check it out:
I was wondering who was behind the curtain here.Β 
Update #1

Announced the newsletter on Twitter yesterday and got a lot of support.

πŸ“ˆ Subscribers: 22 confirmed, 9 unconfirmed
β˜• BMC Balance: 11

  • The first issue is scheduled for tomorrow with a creator that a lot of you know. πŸ˜‰
  • The creator for issue #2 is editing their bio today, again another big name.
  • Got a mention in the BrainPint newsletter today which is awesome.
  • Working on the section of the landing page for showing past issues.
  • Will reach out to the creator for issue #3 today. I'm hoping to get and stay a few days ahead content-wise.

πŸš€Just launched my first Adalo PWA called 😸 Happy or Not 😾 Β 

  • Find out if your cat is happy or not by uploading a picture
  • Share or download the result
  • Sign up to have all of your images saved

This is a client project, not a personal one.Β 

Let me know what you think and most importantly how your cat is feeling.
Writer πŸ‘©πŸΌβ€πŸ’» Creative β˜”οΈ
I don't have one. Would definitely try if I had, though. Sounds like an interesting experiment! A nice thing to work on!!Β 
Curtis Cummings replied
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Great fun!

I loaded up a golden retriever, a tree, a dog that had pointy ears and a catfish.Β  Didn't recognise any of them.

I loaded a cat that I thought looked a lot like a dog.Β  Worked perfectly.Β  Rated it as below: