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reached 500 email subscribers on

just realized I've now got 500 email subscribers for, all nocode enthusiasts, open rate average at 33% so if any #nocode founders want to sponsor a newsletter please let me know at [email protected]

New Marketplace course out for Webflow

What can you learn from this course:

  • Designing your marketplace from scratchΒ 
  • adapting Hatch UI kit for your projectΒ 
  • creating your CMS collection
  • utilizing multi-step forms to collect all your information
  • Creating an airtable database for your marketplaceΒ 
  • Using F'insweet's search functionality on your portfolios & project pagesΒ 
  • Using jetboost to like & save portfolios & projects
  • creating all the zaps including updating portfolios & projects
  • setting up memberstack & creating user dashboardsΒ 
  • Getting ready for launch & setting up all your SEO's essentialsΒ 

All this and much, much more coming with pro membership. For now pro membership is only $10 but this will be going up to $30 in April so sign up now and get a year for only $10 a month nowΒ 

Check it out on
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The Super Mega Pack by Mackenzie Child

I just wanted to share a great new tool for your webflow product. I've been using to make my new course on and have found it so helpful and it has made my design so much better and more efficient. check it out. couldn't recommend it enough.Β

Overview of initial sign up zap for my nocode marketplace course

just wanted to share probably the most important zap you'll make for any membership site you'll make - the initial sign up zap.Β 

did a little run through video - New build your own webflow marketplace course out soon

Creating a better UX on Webflow forms with Select2

One thing that has always annoyed me about webflow forms is the multi-selector. its awful UX is so annoying. made a little vid about select2 and how that can help
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Finally launched my big project

this site is forΒ 

Experts to

Become a freelancer

  • Advise learners and charge (NoCoded will take 0% Commission on this)
  • Build courses and expand your reach
  • Build a portfolio of your work, skills, and products
  • Find work through looking through our Tasks
  • Post your projects, get feedback, upvoted, and win awards

For LearnersΒ 

Learn how to build with NoCode

  • Learn from the experts and check out their courses
  • Get inspired by other projects and learn from there stories
  • Find useful resources and tips

For EntrepreneursΒ 

Find what you need

  • Find an expert to support your product
  • Learn the skills to do it your self
  • Showcase your product and get feedback
  • Share your idea and test with other nocode enthusiasts
  • Post your projects, get feedback, upvoted, and win awards

Check it out!

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Currently making a product for NoCoders to cash in on there skills and showcase there work

Hi allΒ 

My idea comes from my personal need/ desire to make use of all the nocode skills ive learnt over the past 3 years which doesnt mean just randomly stumbling on work on twitter or facebook or creating projects myself. On my site the "expert" will be able to create a portfolio of his work, a biography and a short vid selling themselves to businesses.Β 

Personally i think this is a good idea and is something i would use myself which is a good starting point. Ive always liked creating projects and figuring out how to make it work but not so much the marketing and launching end so most of my previous work has gone unnoticed by the people it was designed to support.Β 

any feedback on this would be awesome
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