Christophe HK

No-code enthusiast

Hey there!

Let's introduce !

Christophe, 43, dad of 2, from France. 

I started working at Capgemini 20 years ago, dev first, than managing and program director. I left this company by the beginning of this year to join a "small" company (I love relationships and work with humans), but the covid crisis has been a disaster (and is still) and this company was not strong enough to resist. So... no more job. 

Fortunately, I discovered No-code one year ago, Glide first. I enjoyed a lot building small apps. But Glide is Glide, and not sure they will remain for a long, so I decided 2 months ago to start learning Adalo first, then Bubble. Adalo lacks of performances, but it's a great product (wait n' see). 

Bubble, I'm fond of Bubble and its ecosystem. Powerful, and growing fast and better day after day. Today, I'm building a product, based on Bubble. I hope to be able to launch by the end of this month. Crossing fingers! 

See u! 
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