I see no disadvantages of building with WP compared to Webflow. But I have 12 years of experience with it and I sysadmin my own servers. So if you're not comfortable with your own devops, I suggest you to use good managed WP hosting and that would rid you of all associated troubles.
Hello Robert
My idea is to build a local helper app for expats and long stay tourists in a foreign country. It would fill in the information gaps between established real estate (airbnb, booking) and general tourism (tripadvisor) by aggregating content from local chats, blogs, and social media. I mean hot topics like less popular destinations, visa services, dentists, laundries, etc. It would be built with integration with Google maps.
Business owners would get direct leads and would be paying flat rate fees for them or the service as a whole.
How does that sound?

If you want to build anything outside of 5 or so premade designs with lowcode approach, b e ready to buy third party design sets, and even then your website will still be "themed" like some other website who used same theme set. 
I am an avid user of Oxygen Builder for WP and have built rather complicated designs with it (+Microthemer), but I wouldn't call it nocode or even lowcode.