Hey, I'm Victor, Founder & Side Project Manager of Lamacorn. Lamacorn is the story of a lama who, at the top of his mountain, hears about the unicorns of the Sillicon Valley. Entrepreneur and curious, he too would like to become a unicorn.

The Tweet Mine : Learn to launch side hustles with inspiring maker's twitter threads

Check out the best Twitter threads that take the πŸ¦™ to the next level in his Side Hustle creation.

If you also want to learn from the best makers on Twitter and who share their experiences on Twitter, The Tweet Mine is perfect for you!

Why did I create The Tweet Mine?

I am a side hustle creator myself, I challenged myself to create 12 projects in 12 months.

And Twitter helps the Lama.

Each of the Twitter makers shares their experiences and a huge value on Twitter for :

  • Build products
  • Find an idea
  • Build an audience
  • Create content
  • ...

A permanent update of the best Twitter threads.

  • For whom is the Mine to Tweets
  • For makers who want to get ahead

πŸ”₯Unofficial launch πŸ¦™πŸ˜…

πŸ¦™Day 13 #100DaysOfNoCode, late again.
πŸ”₯ message automation
πŸ”₯ feedback of the 1st users
πŸ”₯ unofficial launch of

Official launch in few day.

You can list for free your No-Code project and receives 5 backlinks

πŸ‘‹ What no-code projects have you released as an indie hacker?

The πŸ¦™ integrates the projects built in #NoCode by the community in an #airtable. Next time we automate the « bousinΒ Β». If you have build project with no-code.

And to complete my listing what projects have you built with no-code?

Please include:

* Describe your project in one sentence
* The tools you've used
* A link to your project

πŸš€Ready, go, to your projects !

I would like to centralize all No-Code projects and facilitate connections between people (no-coders, coders, skills, investors, buyers) through their projects and around the world.
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