Gsheets to Tweets?


idea to validate here.

My experience in building a Google Sheet to Online Form Generator led me to talk with many people here and one of them suggested that he was looking for a way to automate social media posting as with the current tools it's taking too much time.

Something like: 

date/time to post, content and the below the rows: Oct 25 2020 7:00am, [content here]

Is it something that would interest you? 😀

Google Sheet to online form generator

Hello Nocoders 👋

I was inspired by the following tweet.
I've become familiar with Google API in general so I've decided to use all my knowledge to build a tool to allow to quickly generate a form in filling spreadsheet describing the content of your form.

And then to quickly gather data in your spreadsheet.

An example to understand:

I've already documented my progress in a twitter thread, but this topic will allow me to write in more details and to put more pictures.

Interested? Feel free to fill the form to connect: (build by the tool, eating my own "dog food" 😂)

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