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This has been a very busy week with the launch of the NCD 2.O community site. We hope that everyone is enjoying the new community and has taken a little bit of time to explore the site and make an introduction. Looks for many new updates, courses and features coming in the upcoming weeks. Keep in mind, our official launch of NCD2.0 is 10/1! Until then, we are in beta and there is a chance of some performance and technical issues.Β 

What's new in the #nocode space?Β 

Build software without coding - 70+ no-code application development platforms and tools list, example products built without code, reviews and more. | NoCode Portal β€” Curated list of 70+ no-code/low-code tools and development platforms for developing web and mobile apps, enterprise apps, workflow automation and integration, chat bots, using AI/Machine learning, selling digital contents, creating e-commerce websites and more. Detailed reviews of no-code tools and platforms as well as founder Stories.Β 

The fastest way to build websites using Google Sheets! Launching in less than 1 week. This product looks as if it could really give Sheet2Site a run for it's money!Β 

No-code database Airtable adds a bit of code back in as investors bump its valuation to over $2.5B β€” It's introducing apps after it raised another $185 million in series D funding.Β 

Sales CRM Dashboard Integrated with Airtable β€” A sales CRM dashboard is a flexible reporting tool integrated with Airtable. It’s tailored to display accumulated data updated simultaneously with the updates in the Airtable tables. The template provides real-time access to your sales accounts to simplify sales management. No need to build from scratch. Responsive, customizable, and available for free within any pricing plan.Β 

Automation Tool to Extract Data From Any Website β€” Automatio is most powerful no-code web automation tool which give you ability to create bots, scrapers, prices monitors.Β 

#building in public

Google Sheet to online form generator β€” Hello Nocoders πŸ‘‹ I was inspired by the following tweet. I've become familiar with Google API in general so I've decided to use all my knowledge to build a tool to allow to quickly generate a form in filling spreadsheet describing the content of your f...Β 

Webflow pushed out lazy loadingΒ 

This made me want to check out carrd. I have been using for my website needs lately
It's day #1 and we are releasing a huge feature! Now anyone can create a community channel for any topic of their choice( ie. #webflow, #slack, #airtable, #nocodeNYC, ETC). Users only will see channels that they join!

Channel creators have complete control over the moderation and settings within their channel. Get started now and create a channel for anything!Β 
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I love this feature <3 Huge fan of custom feedΒ 
The new site looks really awesome. Congrats, great job! Glad to be here.Β 
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Thanks for the invite, sorry for the late acceptance. This looks good though, I see what ya did :) let grow this for the greater good of course. ✌️