Creator Success @ Thunkable

Iterate through a list (of questions)

Last one for this week, here's a quick guide to navigating through a list. In this example it was for a user who was working on a quiz app - but sure it could be a list of anything!

See you all next week!

Hi from Ireland 👋

Hey NCD Community, 

I think I introduced myself in the old community, but really liking the update so wanted to say "Hi" again. 

My name is Domhnall and I work at Thunkable, helping folks to build cross-platform, web and native mobile app. 

Happy to answer any answer and design/build/publish questions if I can. 

Lighting up one item at a time

Getting back into creating tutorials, currently looking at questions from the Thunkable Community, but if anyone here has questions then I'm happy to do something similar.

This first video covers the logic for having only one item "selectable" at a time.

Let me know if you have any feedback!