Thanks for the invite, sorry for the late acceptance. This looks good though, I see what ya did :) let grow this for the greater good of course. ✌️
The new site looks really awesome. Congrats, great job! Glad to be here.Β 
Thanks Sasa, glad to have you on as a PRO member!Β 

Great UI, Webflow right?
Extra! Many thanksΒ Art West and hello to all members of nocodedevs 2.0 !Β 
Let's start our No-code journey all together!
You are welcome, enjoy the new community.
Hi everybody!
Thanks to the invite)
Wow! Awesome layout and structure. Loving it.

Excellent workΒ Art WestΒ !

Can't wait to see where this community goes.
Brett, thank you. Love the feedback.Β 
Good to be here mate! Well done, love Circle!
Thanks for the invite! Really great work on the site.Β 
thank you, Samantha and thank you for always supporting NoCodeDevs!Β 
Love this! Could you give a high level summary of what's new?
Missed this. New layout, new UI, new spaces, new courses coming. Dedicated area for PRO members including exclusive channels!Β 
Thanks for the invite. What powers this site? It looks like a great tool!
thank you, glad to have you here. Circle powers the community portion of this site which will be wrapped in Webflow.Β 
Here is a huge list I've acquired of hundreds no-code platforms. I will be organizing them and gleaning ideal conclusions from them. Since the Pro Devs section is behind a paywall, I will share these here.
thank you for sharingΒ 
Thanks for the invite :DΒ 
Thanks for being here!Β 
Hi all,

Great to be invited. Looking forward to getting acquainted with you all.

Awesome work Art!
Thank you and welcome!Β 
Hi everybody,
Thanks for the invite Art! Looking forward to see the development of this community!
Thank you thank you :)Β 
Hi everyone! Art, thanks for the invite. What’s the platform developed on?
New platform looking good guys!
Of course, you were member #1!Β 
Coding the NoCode. Building the most powerful #nocode engine for Google Sheets at
Looks like a good start!!
Look forward to the growth... Inspired πŸ’―

Writer πŸ‘©πŸΌβ€πŸ’» Creative β˜”οΈ
Happy to be here <3

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