Good looks Art, excited to see how you shape this space. Aesthetically speaking, I think CircleApp is nicer than MightyNetworks, but I also haven't used all the features yet.

Excited to mess around in the space and see what else I find.

What made you settle on Circle as the community portion of NCD?
I was a career coder, but am embracing the no-code movement.Β  My profile shows me as a member.Β  I thought I am a Pro.
Hey there πŸ‘‹πŸ» Β Did you purchase pro, if so, what email address did you use ?Β 
Did you pay for a pro membership? If so, what email did you use ..
Art West ,
I probably usedΒ  I got confused and may have signed up a second time usingΒ  They are both me.Β  I would like to consolidate the accounts.
It was Tuesday 1 September, 2020 on order number JLSePm
I see my profile now shows the Pro badge.

Coding the NoCode. Building the most powerful #nocode engine for Google Sheets at
Oh this is cool. I didn't know I can watch the live builds. Good to know.

They will be recorded too!Β 
Hiram thanks for joining, being a PRO and support our community. Circle is a better choice as it is open, flexible and extendable via an API. Also, I have complete control over the design and workflows. In the next 15 days, I am going to wrap Webflow around this community. Since you are PRO, you can watch the build here:

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