I like this interface but seems like 90% of things are for pro users, feels a bit imbalanced! What does the community think?Β 
I recently started my own forum www.hopehood.org and explored platforms like circle.so but it costs $40-$200 so I made mine on wix with it's built in free forum. I like the way circle's ui looks but after I have enough of a community to support it I can always move over. With 273 members on this forum if each paid $1 it should pay for the forum's upkeep so I imagine it could go down over time from $10. Then again I'm always thinking lean while perhaps Art is thinking growth with paid positions? In any case I love no-code so I'm paying attention.
we may re-visit our pricing, stay tuned!Β 
SavanΒ thank you for your comment. Yes, this community is powered by Circle and the other part of the site will be constructed in Webflow. Also, our paid community is only $10/m so we feel that the courses and PRO content is worth the investment. Finally, this community is very much in beta and just beginning. Look for expanded topics in the FREE section.Β 
Great look forward to its growth :)
SavanΒ Great - Please feel free to make any suggestions for topics. We are very much building this in public and look forward to working with our community to make this valuable to everyone.Β 
Art WestΒ A simple thing to add would be just a call with everyone at a set time. Its best ice breaker and hopefully an introduction page on sign up where people can share what project they are working on and what they are looking for through group. So people can help each other out
SavanΒ Great, that is a nice idea! Are you thinking like a Zoom call?Β 

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