Hi, Everyone! ✨

I'm ZoΓ«, a very new no-code founder! I left NY just before COVID to leave full-time startup life and get back to remote working as a consultant. Along the way, I've cooked up an online arts community called the unknown collective for BIPOC artists and allies across mediums to connect, collaborate, and receive typically inaccessible-Β  but critical resources to produce their work.

I'm just getting started on building the user backend and am up for the challenge but as an intro here, I certainly could use some recs on connecting member profiles (that users can edit in their dashboards) to what will be a searchable, public directory. Is there a way to do this by just using Memberstack, Webflow CMS and Zapier or something?

Excited to dive into this community!

Hey Art, thanks for the reply! I'll check out jetboost and see how far I can get. I'm sure I'll be back here and/or tapping into that phone call haha.
Awesome! Check out newzstack.com this is a site I made with memberstack, jetboost and Zapier + webflow β€” you can create a free account to check out some of the dashboard functionalityΒ 
Welcome, Zoe! So yea, that’s totally possible using webflow + Zapier + memberstack and I would even recommend jetboost for the searching and filtering. I would be happy to jump on a call and talk through it, if you would like.Β 

I like the looks of the design, very cool and thanks for sharing.Β 

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