Hello there!Β 

I and my team are working on a new product allowing you to get web app, a dashboard, or an admin panel from your database (Google Sheets, MySQL). Without code.
To make this solution fully meet users’ needs, we need to hear your feedback.

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Hi allΒ 

My idea comes from my personal need/ desire to make use of all the nocode skills ive learnt over the past 3 years which doesnt mean just randomly stumbling on work on twitter or facebook or creating projects myself. On my site the "expert" will be able to create a portfolio of his work, a biography and a short vid selling themselves to businesses.Β 

Personally i think this is a good idea and is something i would use myself which is a good starting point. Ive always liked creating projects and figuring out how to make it work but not so much the marketing and launching end so most of my previous work has gone unnoticed by the people it was designed to support.Β 

any feedback on this would be awesome
This is brilliant. Do you have a domain/site yet?Β 
Cheers mate. I do have a temp page for the time being it's www.nocoded.co.uk if anyone wants updates sign upΒ 
Art West replied
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Submitted a domain, this is an awesome idea and executed very wellΒ 
Thanks Art. Have been getting some great feedback.. will continue to make it better and better.
Art West replied
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Are you looking to build a #nocode marketplace? Start here!Β 
Hey everyone, I'm an ex-Google PM and previous founder who loves helping people and startups validate their ideas. I've put everything into this course, but am also happy to answer any question you have about your idea, and what's the best way to take your first step in making it real!
Awesome Robert, thanks for sharing!Β 
Hello Robert
My idea is to build a local helper app for expats and long stay tourists in a foreign country. It would fill in the information gaps between established real estate (airbnb, booking) and general tourism (tripadvisor) by aggregating content from local chats, blogs, and social media. I mean hot topics like less popular destinations, visa services, dentists, laundries, etc. It would be built with integration with Google maps.
Business owners would get direct leads and would be paying flat rate fees for them or the service as a whole.
How does that sound?