In this tutorial you'll build an app using Retool and Airtable.

Airtable is great for creating and managing data. Retool adds permissions, workflows, and an efficient interface. Connecting the two together wasn't very easy with the API - that is why we built Sync Inc so you can connect Retool to Airtable like a real database. Then you can build tools fast.

I hope this tutorial is useful and would love to hear any feedback or questions!
Hi Eric! I just got to see this now but this is a fantastic tutorial, thanks for writing it down. I don't love videos and I much prefer written guidelines like these. For the future - my only suggestion would be to try GIFs instead of screenshots to make it even more clear πŸ˜„
I actually have the perfect use case for this for a friend's company and I might give it a try, although some of their data is in a custom SQL database - do you think I could merge two different data sources?

Separately...I've noticed your launch in December and you offer an interesting service. How do you see your approach in comparison to to tools like or NocodeAPI? What other use-cases do you envision?

Thanks again for sharing! πŸ™
ThanksΒ ο»Ώ Veronica 8020 ο»Ώ! I really like this suggestion on using more GIFs. Appreciate it!

We'd love to help with your friend's use case - and it sounds right up our alley. The power of turning Airtable into a Postgres database is it makes combining your Airtable data with other data sources even easier - especially data that is already housed in other SQL data stores. When you signup, I'll be the first to send you a note and lend a helping hand!

We're seeing many developers useΒ Sync Inc instead of the Airtable API - because SQL is so much easier. Its kinda the perfect no-code code. We're also seeing lots of customers use Sync Inc for data visualization in tools like Google Data Studio or Looker. And lastly, as in this tutorial, people are using it to connect to any application that supports Postgres - like Retool.

Stacker is awesome by adding a customer interface on top of Airtable. We're a bit different in that we focus on just giving you all your data in a database so you can choose any tool that supports SQL to manipulate it or build an interface. SQL is just such a common connector. And with NocodeAPI - it is also that SQL database that make us different. We just give you all your data as opposed piece by piece extracting it via the API.

I hope that is helpful and please don't hesitate to reach out if I can be of assistance :)Β 

 Eric Goldman  Thanks for the long and detailed response! I find it fascinating (and a tad ironic) that Airtable's whole proposition is "a database that is not on SQL so non-devs can use it" and your value proposition is to reverse that to make Airtable MORE useful ☯️
For a no-code believer like myself it's quite the paradox.
I'd love to try to build a prototype and take up your offer. How long would you say it would take to follow your tutorial?
ο»Ώ Veronica 8020 ο»Ώ It is ironic :) I guess its a bit of a cycle that started with visual basic and dream weaver. But its all getting better and more powerful year by year.

I bet you can get the tutorial app up and running in about 30 minutes.Β 
This is great, thanks for sharing, Eric!!Β 

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