Hi everyone πŸ‘‹

We launched the MVP of Tally.so (an easy way to create forms, for free) 2 months ago. We’ve been growing steadily and reached the milestone of 1.000 form respondents, and 300 users today.

In this first stage, we’ve been focusing on reaching the no-code community, makers, and indie hackers to get feedback on our MVP and shape our roadmap (publicly available: https://www.notion.so/tallyso/Tally-Roadmap-3e52f26e7b8b4067ae04719cd2301cc1)

Our main acquisition channels at this moment are:
  1. Twitter
  2. Indie Hackers
  3. No-code communities and databases (No-code founders, WINC, No-code France, modern makers, and others)

What’s next?

We’ve been adding crucial new features on a weekly basis and are working towards a bigger public launch in one month with a lifetime deal for early users.
Hi Marie, I just took a look at Tally and I really like it. When I was at your landing page I really wanted to understand what is the difference with Typeform, can you please elaborate on that?
Hi Franco Vargas Golac ,

Thanks for checking out Tally, would love to hear your thoughts on the product! The biggest differences with Typeform at this stage would be our business model and form-building experience.

While Typeform is an established player in the form building space and offers a ton of features, it is not the most flexible form builder out there and the free plan forces you to upgrade for almost every meaningful feature.

Tally offers forms for free, without limits. So, no limits on the number of forms you create, the number of responses you collect or the number of input blocks (question types) you can use, and tons of free features like collecting payments, form logic, and answer piping.

Typeform is best for creating surveys and questionnaires that display one question at a time, also known as the conversational form interface. Tally enables you to create and customize any type of form and doesn't restrict you to 1 question per page.

We pride ourselves on offering an open, intuitive, and flexible form building experience. You can start from a blank page and easily build your form by adding blocks through shortcuts. The form builder works like a text editor. You can just start typing and edit text, easily insert question or answer blocks, images, and other input blocks.Β 

Hope this helps!

I see, makes sense, I signed up, I will definitely use it. All the best.
Great, if you have any other questions, you know where to find me!
Really dope!Β 

This looks really solid! Can’t wait to try it out!!

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